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Streamlined Financial Management in Real Estate - Case Study

Streamlined Financial Management - A Case Study

Client: Emil Anderson Group

Client's Goals: Streamline the budgeting and forecasting processes, achieve better data integration, and enhance overall reporting accuracy.

Our Team's Approach: Citrin Cooperman was tasked with implementing Vena, a corporate performance management (CPM) software, to transform Emil Anderson Group's financial operations.

Emil Anderson Group is a diversified company involved in infrastructure construction, maintenance, land development, residential and commercial building, and property management in British Columbia, Canada. With five offices and a revenue of $385M, the company plays a crucial role in developing and maintaining essential infrastructure and properties in the region. Their operations rely on 200 ERP/CRM users and 325 Microsoft Office 365 users to manage various business activities.

Emil Anderson Group needed an efficient and flexible budgeting and forecasting tool to improve data integration, replace outdated reporting technologies, and consolidate multiple data sources for better decision-making.


  • Inefficient data entry processes.
  • Lack of accurate and dependable data for timely decision-making.
  • Lack of flexibility in budgeting and forecasting tools.
  • Outdated Crystal Report technology in ERP.
  • Various data systems lacking a single source of truth synchronization.

Citrin Cooperman's Approach

  • Citrin Cooperman incorporated Vena, a cloud-based CPM solution, into existing systems and procedures to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Our team created several custom templates and automations, allowing the organization to maintain up-to-date reports by integrating data from multiple systems.


  • Integration of Viewpoint Vista and Bamboo HR data into Vena.
  • Development of custom reporting templates, including detailed project profitability reports and OPEX budget entry templates, incorporating workforce planning.
  • Enhanced data accessibility and comprehensive reporting capabilities with Power BI connector.
  • Improved operational efficiency and decision-making processes.

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