ERP Strategy and Implementation

Focused on Helping Companies With Their ERP Journey

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations are one of the largest, most expensive, and business-critical projects your business will go through. We help protect this investment and prepare you for a successful go-live.

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Services Included

ERP Assessments

  • Our independent assessments find practical, value-based solutions for improving your most critical enterprise systems

System Strategy and Selection

  • We select and design system ecosystems to drive efficiency

ERP Project Management as a Service

  • We provide sophisticated, on-demand project management capabilities for your most critical projects

ERP Process Improvement

  • A practical approach for each step of your journey of operational excellence

ERP Quality Assurance and Go-Live Readiness

  • We independently evaluate in-process ERP implementations to protect your business goals

Business Intelligence and Analytics

  • We help you measure your business to manage your results

How Citrin Cooperman Can Help

We help mid-sized companies navigate the complicated and risky ERP landscape to develop a reasonable strategy for their business, select and design a set of systems that is best for them, and then apply our disciplined and repeatable management approaches to make their implementation successful. 

We are vendor agnostic which means we will help you make decisions that are best for your business and draw from knowledge of a wide range of Tier 1 and Tier 2 ERP systems. 

There is no one best solution for all businesses or industries, but there are best practice approaches to choosing and implementing the solution that is best for you. 



Why Citrin Cooperman?

Built for the Middle Market

We have the experience of the Fortune 500 but our focus is the middle market. We understand how middle-market businesses determine priorities and what it takes to execute.

Focus on Execution

Our consultants don’t just advise, they also execute. We only provide advice that is realistic for your business to achieve.

We Understand Value

Our background as an accounting firm means we care about the numbers in everything we recommend and always consider bottom-line benefits.

Our ERP Strategy and Implementation professionals are here to help.

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