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The Road to Success is Paved with Collaboration

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Starting any conversation with “millennials say” often leads to some extreme gut reactions from leaders – some scoff, some shake their heads finding their different perspectives to be flawed and taking business down less productive roads. However, there is one subject in particular that today’s leaders should pay keen attention to – collaboration and the critical role it plays in the long-term success of the business.

The traditional business hierarchy cannot afford to stay at the status quo in today’s business landscape. New technology tools continue to increase at a rapid pace, changing the way we operate and grow. The advances that technology provides cannot work if we do not also look at our talent and how we function together from the top down. The role of the CEO or business owner needs to move out of the “ivory tower” to a position that rolls up his or her sleeves and builds a collaborative and cohesive leadership approach that resonates from the management into every level of the team.

Using collaboration as a central tenet to business strategy allows for ownership thinking to roll throughout the organization and empowers all to work collectively to live and breathe the company mission. This management practice allows for the organic flow of information and communication, breaking down silos, and giving all equal opportunity to take responsibility and ownership for their part in moving the organization’s strategy forward. It provides a safe environment for teams to have a voice and bring diverse ideas and solutions that may have formerly gone unsaid. This type of trusted environment fosters a whole new type of workforce that breeds innovation and productivity.

Building a collaborative business culture takes time, patience, and buy-in from all management in order to thrive. There are 5 key pillars to keep in mind as you build collaboration into your business strategy.


The belief today is that collaboration plays a more significant role than ever before in the forward movement and success of a company. In order for a business to not only just survive but thrive today, the business owner and management must establish a culture that allows for its people to be active participants in defining and realizing company goals and vision.  In doing this, leadership can inspire their employees to demand an ownership thinking mindset that allows them to test and exceed their boundaries to create innovative solutions that propel the company forward. Giving your organization participatory rights in shaping the company’s future will deliver long lasting, impactful results. This can only be accomplished and sustained through honest collaboration. Don’t ever underestimate that the greatest idea that could be a game changer for your organization could come from the person you least expected in your organization.  Make your company today a think tank of ideas that comes from all levels in your organization.


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