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A Perfect Match - Immigration Compliance and Social Security No Match Letters are Back!

Jun 6, 2019
Stacy Gilbert


Thursday, June 6, 2019 


A Perfect Match

Immigration Compliance and Social Security No Match Letters are Back!

Live Webcast

In March 2019, the Social Security Administration resumed issuance of Social Security No-Match Letters, and restaurant owners are among the many industries seeking guidance. It is now more important than ever for employers in all industries to ensure accurate records for wage-reporting and compliance with the Form I-9 verification requirements.

Join co-hosts Carolyn Richmond, Partner and Chair of the Hospitality practice at Fox Rothschild, and Stacy Gilbert, Partner, Co-Practice Leader- Restaurant and Hospitality Practice at Citrin Cooperman as they welcome Ali Brodie, Co-Chair of the Immigration practice at Fox Rothschild, and a member of the firm’s Labor & Employment practice, to discuss how to deal with the resurrected Social Security Administration’s No-Match Letters. The presentation will include an overview of immigration and workplace compliance, Form I-9, and what to expect in case of a government inspection. Ali will be joined by a special guest co-presenter, Janet Hoffmann, from HR Aligned Design.

Thursday, June 6 | 1:00 PM EST - 2:00 PM EST


  • What to do if you receive a social security 'no-match letter'
  • How to properly execute the I-9 under current rules
  • Documenting employees without violating anti-discrimination laws
  • How to identify and review documents for authenticity
  • Steps for auditing and correcting I-9 forms
  • Navigating pitfalls and protecting yourself during the compliance process
  • Understanding the penalties for non compliance, including simple clerical errors
  • Best practices for developing a company-wide compliance program
  • Q&A: Ask the experts