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Citrin Cooperman Announces CC Edge - Empowering Diversity and Gender Equality

December 5, 2019
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Citrin Cooperman announced today the launch of CC EDGE - Empowering Diversity and Gender Equality, a program committed to continuing and enhancing the firm's tradition of diversity and inclusion. The program will be led by Partner Nichol Chiarella and Director Laura Crowley.

This program seeks to enhance a culture at Citrin Cooperman that understands, appreciates, and supports the diverse, gender-specific needs of everyone in the firm.

“We are excited to launch a mission that plans to make progress within our firm culture. We want CC EDGE to affect progress at all levels within our firm by providing our people with the tools to become committed to gender equality and fairness, creating safe and respectful workplaces, and promoting the importance of work-life flexibility,” said Nichol Chiarella.

“I have been an active participant in the Women’s Initiative, but felt that it alone was not enough. While we were raising awareness of the gender inequality in firm leadership and in the public accounting industry, it had become clear only by changing the firm’s culture could we move the needle to get more women in leadership roles within the firm,” said Laura Crowley.

A global committee will be formed with broad representation, and will include both male and female members.

Through training, open communication and awareness, CC EDGE will focus on enhancing three areas within the current culture of Citrin Cooperman: Success Skills, Market-Facing Skills/Relationship Building and Firm Outreach.