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NYC Real Estate Alert: Do Not Forget to File the Supplemental Storefront Registry

September 21, 2020
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Don’t forget to file the Supplemental Storefront Registry and Rent Roll Addendum!

The New York City Department of Finance (DOF) has implemented a new Storefront Registry requirement for 2020. The DOF now requires additional information for storefronts registered with the July 1, 2020 Real Property Income and Expense (RPIE) filings to report any property ownership changes, or storefront vacancies, with respect to the registered storefronts that subsequently occurred between January 1 and June 30, 2020, or sale of related property date, whichever is earlier.  RPIE filers whose properties have an actual assessed value of $750,000 or greater are also required to file a rent roll addendum. The deadline to file the Supplemental Storefront Registry and the rent roll addendum is October 1, 2020. Information can be found on the NYC Department of Finance website. If you need any assistance in filling out this form, you can reach out to one of our NY real estate practice partners.