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How Diversity and Inclusion is Shaping the CPA Profession

November/December 2017 Issue

New Jersey CPA Magazine
November 15, 2017

Glenys Merejo, CPA, MST, 

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How Diversity and Inclusion is Shaping the CPA Profession

Director, Glenys Merejo, is a contributing author of NJCPA Magazine's article, "How Diversity and Inclusion is Shaping the CPA Profession," in the  November/December 2017 issue.  In the article, Glenys discusses how working at Citrin Cooperman, in an environment that promotes diversity and inclusion, allows her to interact with people that have different backgrounds, genders and ethnicities in such way that everyone can feel at ease expressing their ideas - this creates opportunities to embrace and capitalize on different ideas and perspectives.

She also discusses how being a member of a diverse institution has "given me the ability to understand coworkers that are different than me, not just race, gender or nationality but, more importantly, their personality, lifestyle, education, and what makes them tick." Recognizing those distinctions and connections allows her to "dive deeper into their thinking, create a closer work friendship, and employ their talent and experiences so that our work together can be more productive."

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Glenys Merejo, CPA, MST, is a Tax Director in the Livingston, NJ office.