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Millennial Women- Smart Confident and a Force to Be Reckoned With

February 27, 2017
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By: Christine Heckman, SHRM-CP, Manager, Human Resources

The Female Millennial in the Workplace: A New Era of Talent
Millennials and Generation Y. We hear these labels often and they are quickly becoming the most deliberated of all generations. So, who are they, and what are they seeking in the workplace?  Millennials are identified as those born between 1980 and 2000. Female millennials make up a significant proportion of the current and future talent of an organization.  In other words, female millennials matter!  This group of women has more workforce presence than any preceding generation, making them more relevant to the future of business than any group of women in history.  

Female millennials are a new breed who have grown up in a new era – they are entering the workforce in increased numbers, with higher education, increased confidence, and greater career ambition. Approximately 40% of the global workforce is currently comprised of women - never before has a generation entered the workforce with such a high level of female participation. Today’s workforce not only looks different than that of the baby boomers, but the female millennial entering the workforce today is tougher, and with a different career mindset. Millennial women have redefined success. They have also become the driving force behind increased workplace flexibility, including the option to working remotely. In a world where the majority of family responsibility continues to fall on women, in order for employers to retain these valuable employees, they are being forced to revamp their policies, based on the employee’s needs.  

When it comes to their career and lifestyle choices, millennial women know what they want and what they value most.  They believe in the power they have to create the ‘life of their dreams.’ 

There are five traits millennial women have in common:  
  • They know their worth
  • They are curious
  • They share their knowledge
  • They have a mantra
  • They are responsible
They are the leaders of tomorrow! 
The millennial woman always arrives prepared and is the creator of her own path. So, what is she seeking from the workplace? 

A poll of a number of female millennial employees, conducted by Citrin Cooperman’s Human Resources team, identified the following top objectives: 
  • They want opportunities to build a career within an organization;
  • They want a strong voice;
  • They want visibility and power; and,
  • Most of all, they want recognition for their hard work and their commitment.
Todays’ employer is challenged with providing the right opportunities for this emerging group of talent, and will continue to be pressed with the question, “Will they stay or will they go?”