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Modern Restaurant Management Picks Up "Food for Thought"

Meal Deductions for Feeding Employees

Modern Restaurant Management
February 1, 2018
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Modern Restaurant Management Picks Up "Food for Thought"

The new Jobs and Tax Cuts law is affecting practically every industry, in one way or another, and the restaurant and hospitality industry is going to be affected by an aspect of the new law that has, for the most part, flying below the radar.  Stacy Gilbert, Partner and Practice Co-leader of Citrin Cooperman's prominent Restaurant and Hospitality Services practice, wrote an Insights article discussing this new law, with respect to meal deductions, called "Food for Thought: Feeding Employees Becoming a Costly Benefit."

The article was subsequently featured in Modern Restaurant Management, as an article titled "Food For Thought: Feeding Employees May Become a Costly Benefit to Restaurant Owners."  

You can read the published article HERE.