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Partner Arnold Herrmann is quoted in the International Business Times regarding the 2016 Golden Globes

January 11, 2016
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Citrin Cooperman partner Arnold Hermann is quoted in the International Business Times article "Golden Globes 2016: A Knockout For Amazon's 'Mozart In The Jungle' And the CW, But Not The Usual TV Suspects" regarding the Golden Globe Awards, which recognizes excellence in film and television. 

Arnie Herrmann, a partner at accounting firm Citrin Cooperman and a business manager for several high-profile entertainment clients, said many film producers and directors have a newly open mind about doing television shows. 

"There was a certain taboo among filmmakers a decade ago about working in TV," he told International Business Times. "But no longer - it's a changed world."

"Right now, with so many outlets for distribution you have so many opportunities in other worlds," Herrmann said. "Amazon has a TV division now, Netflix. People who used to work in film are just as interested in working in TV." 

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