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Tax Season - A Different Kind of Bootcamp

Simulating a Bootcamp

NJCPA Magazine
January 3, 2018
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Tax Season - A Different Kind of Bootcamp

In the January 3, 2018 issue of NJCPA Magazine, the Tax Season - A Different Kind of Bootcamp article discusses how one survives tax season at a public accounting firm. In the section titled "Simulating a Bootcamp" Audit Director, Sylvia Zozulia, CPA at Citirn Cooperman discusses how the firm uses a practical approach of staff education and training to prepare for tax season. 

"Interns, too, are not immune to tax boot camp training. At Citrin Cooperman, interns are called in at tax time and go through a 12-week regimen. During their stay, Sylvia Zozulia, CPA, audit director at Citrin Cooperman, says “the interns discover more about the firm’s culture, people and different practice areas, but they also discover more about themselves and gain valuable insight about their career aspirations.”

The training also provides a good dose of reality. “This gives interns the opportunity to experience firsthand the workings of a CPA firm during the busiest time of year. The interns go through a full week of intensive training on various computer programs, office procedures and tax return and auditing basics,” says Zozulia. The routine may, indeed, be worth it, she notes, since at the end of the internship, several offers are typically made for full-time staff positions.

Zozulia also believes in educating staff in the off-season so they are adequately prepared for the busy season. “Our firm strongly believes that you don’t have to work harder, you need to work smarter. The firm provides seminars on various topics, such as analytic procedures, sampling and running effective planning meetings to the audit staff prior to busy season.”

That goes for all staff, too. “The seminars are given by individuals at various levels so everyone is learning the particular topics while improving their presentation skills,” she says."

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