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The 2019 NYC Restaurant and Hospitality Industry Survey

Citrin Cooperman and NYC Hospitality Alliance

NYC Restaurant & Hospitality Industry Report
October 29, 2019
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New York City Restaurant & Hospitality Industry Report

Citrin Cooperman and NYC Hospitality Alliance

Citrin Cooperman is pleased to announce the results of its NYC Restaurant and Hospitality Industry Survey conducted in partnership with the New York City Hospitality Alliance.

Restaurant owners and operators throughout NYC participated in the survey. This report summarizes financial results and systems, which are useful tools in establishing certain industry benchmarks. This survey focuses on restaurants located in New York City, categorized based on different concepts. It reports on restaurant expenditures, broken down by gross revenue ranges.

The majority of respondents consisted of owners in three major categories – Fine Dining, Casual Dining, and Bar, Lounge, & Club – thus, our findings relate to data specific to these concepts. However, some of our results indicate similarities across concepts, which suggests common trends for certain costs – and other factors. 


If you wish to participate in the next survey, please email:

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