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The Final Tax Bill is Here – How Does it Differ from the House and Senate Versions?

December 18, 2017
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The landscape of tax reform continues to move forward. Citrin Cooperman’s Federal Tax Policy Team (FTPT) has been closely following the proposed legislation as it worked its way through the House and Senate. The final tax bill has arrived and is expected to be passed into legislation, heading to a congressional vote sometime this week. 

Please note that the Conference Agreement accompanying the bill provides that any payments for 2018 income taxes made in 2017 will not be deductible. This does not apply to certain payments of real property taxes.

To view an in-depth comparison of how the final bill compares to the House and Senate versions, click on one of the sections below.

Coming in the new year, we will be holding webinars, writing articles and hosting events to discuss the effects of some of the changes. Please continue to visit our website for further information.

Corporate and Business

Pass-Through Entities



Compensation and Benefits

Estates, Gifts and Trusts

Tax-Exempt Organizations

Other Excise Taxes

The Citrin Cooperman Federal Tax Policy Team will follow the legislative process closely and you apprised of the potential changes and consequences of the tax proposals. If you have any questions regarding current or proposed policy, please do not hesitate to reach out to a FTPT advisor.