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Cannabis Sell-Side QofE & Due Diligence

Focused on Sell-Side Due Diligence

Citrin Cooperman's Cannabis Advisory Services team has the experience to support you from beginning to end when you are selling your cannabusiness. With our QofE and due diligence reporting, we ensure that you have the analysis you need as you prepare for negotiations.

How Citrin Cooperman Can Help

Selling a business can be difficult, and dealing with the complexities of the cannabis industry at the same time further complicates matters. With our cannabusiness specialists, you can have peace of mind as we support you throughout the due diligence review.


  • Your financial statements are unaudited and the potential acquiree wants them.
  • You have inconsistent bookkeeping.
  • You are struggling to maximize value on the sale with a sell-side QofE to attract buyers.

  • Understand the sales process
  • Acquire more leverage for price negotiation
  • Optimize your business's potential value

  • Comprehensive due diligence report for sell-side purposes

Contact Mitzi Keating and Marilyn Garcia to learn more about cannabis sell-side due diligence today.