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Strategy and Business Transformation

Strategy and Business Transformation

Today’s business culture is built around the need to continually evolve your business to ensure you stay ahead of the curve. In order to keep pace, business owners need a strong strategy that can be realistically and quickly implemented.

How Citrin Cooperman Can Help


Our Strategy & Business Transformation practice is uniquely positioned to help middle-market companies identify and address their toughest challenges. Our expertise in finance transformation, robotic process automation, system selection and implementation, strategic planning, process improvement, talent management, and technology allows us to provide both the thought leadership and the ability to execute that will help your business achieve its goals. We blend leading practices from traditional management consulting with cutting edge tools to create change at a pace and depth appropriate for your organization and prepare your people to sustain the results once the projects are complete.

Our complete end-to-end approach, from strategy creation to business transformation, allows us to:

  • Create business strategies and enhanced business operations that can unlock value across numerous platforms, including customers, employees, and the community that you serve
  • Seamlessly combine our experience with your internal teams to drive value to the business – while always positioning the business owner first
  • Focus on execution, allowing you to transform your business and meet your long term goals
  • Collaborate with your team – we are consultants who strive to work naturally and effectively with you to increase efficiency and maximize profit
OurRelated Services

We help our clients improve the efficiency of their finance departments while generating deeper insights, fast. Our best-in-class diagnostic methodologies quickly uncover the highest priority improvements and we execute process improvements with the latest technologies to get fast results.

We help mid-sized companies navigate the complicated and risky ERP landscape to develop a reasonable strategy for their business, select and design a set of systems that is best for them, and then apply our disciplined and repeatable management approaches to make their implementation successful. We are vendor agnostic which means we will help you make decisions that are best for your business and draw from knowledge of a wide range of Tier 1 and Tier 2 ERP systems. There is no one best solution for all businesses or industries, but there are best practice approaches to choosing and implementing the solution that is best for you.

We know that, for middle marketing companies, success is about executing well. Our Strategy practice identifies the areas of your business that will create the most value and then develops realistic plans to achieve this value.

We develop and implement automation strategies for mid-sized businesses that create reliability and repeatability in their business processes. Using RPA and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we help clients create efficiency and velocity throughout their business.