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Crowdfunding Podcast

Real Estate Crowdfunding Seminar: Top Industry Leaders Discuss How Crowdfunding is A Game Changer


What happens when you get the top players of the real estate crowdfunding arena into one room? A lively discussion on the ins and outs of one of the hottest investment opportunities around.

On February 19, Citrin Cooperman and iFunding, a real estate crowdfunding platform provider, hosted a breakfast seminar entitled “Real Estate Crowdfunding: Expanding Real Estate Development Financing and Diversifying Investors’ Portfolios with Attractive Returns” in Citrin Cooperman’s New York City office. The seminar discussed the opportunities and challenges this new medium presents, as well as, how deals are structured, what sponsors look for before investing in a crowdfunding site, regulatory issues, and what’s next in terms of taking crowdfunding– as it pertains to real estate- to the next level.


The seminar consisted of a panel of industry experts (from right to left), Mark Roderick, attorney at Flaster/Greenberg and crowdfunding regulatory expert; Mark Mascia, president of Mascia Development;  and William Skelley, chief executive of iFunding.  Moderated by Harmen Bakker, a partner in Citrin Cooperman’s Real Estate Practice, the panel discussion focused on issues such as:

  • Best practices for listing deals to finance
  • Regulatory landscape for crowdfunding
  • Crowdfunding opportunities for investors and operators


Listen to the podcast highlights or download the full podcast below.

What initially attracted you to crowdfunding? Listen here.

What am I investing in when I invest in crowdfunding? Listen here.

What is your sweet spot in terms of raising capital for deals right now? How do you see it changing? Listen here.

Do you see any issues with investing in other states? Listen here.

What brings crowdfunding to the next level? Listen here.


If you would like to hear more about crowdfunding on the following topics:

  • What do you look for as a developer in terms of a platform?
  • What is currently happening with regulation?
  • Do you see the government working to help make crowdfunding work?
  • What information do you recieve on a monthly, quarterly, yearly basis from the platforms as an investor?

Please download the full podcast.

For more information on Citrin Cooperman’s Real Estate Practice, contact Partner Harmen Bakker at 212-697-1000 or via email.