Digital Transformation

Technology is changing rapidly and reaching every part of an organization. A holistic approach to the entire organization requires looking at multiple platforms, a variety of solutions, and the integration effort to unify the technology ecosystem and align with change management within your organization.

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ERP Strategy and Implementation

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations are one of the largest, most expensive, and business-critical projects your business will go through. We help protect this investment and prepare you for a successful go-live.

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Our independent assessments review your business processes and systems and make recommendations for both immediate improvements, and a roadmap to follow for future growth and efficiency.

Our seasoned ERP experts will help you evaluate your business needs, capabilities, and goals and match them to the best fitting ERP options in the market today. We are system agnostic, and can help you run your entire selection process to maximize value.

Proper project governance is crucial to the successful implementation of an ERP platform. We provide experienced Project Managers to work with your internal team throughout the project.

We independently evaluate in-process ERP implementations to ensure they meet your business requirements, and are designed with best in class processes, to ensure you are ready to go live.

Ensure strong financial reporting and analytics, both within your ERP platform and across your other solutions. Implement predictive analytics to drive better decision making, and anticipate customer demand.

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Ready to Begin the ERP Selection Journey?

We help mid-sized companies navigate the complicated and risky ERP landscape to develop a reasonable strategy for their business, select and design a set of systems that is best for them, and then apply our disciplined and repeatable management approaches to make their implementation successful.

Finance Transformation

The core of managing business performance is the ability to measure and control profitability and liquidity. This requires a highly efficient finance department with the capabilities and tools to generate deep insights about the business. Our proprietary methodologies quickly uncover your highest priority improvements and we use these to build you a leading-class finance organization, technology environment, set of processes and procedures, and core accounting function.

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Perform a full diagnostic of your finance function in four weeks or less to get a future-state vision, prioritized list of projects, and an implementation roadmap.

We use our best practice process framework and a carefully curated list of technologies to shorten your close cycle, automate repeatable accounting activities, and generate consolidated financials and investor reporting faster.

Transform your core finance capabilities – from subledgers through reporting and analytics – to be a modern, scalable, and highly efficient strategic capability for your company. Get best-in-class, scalable architectures.

Utilize workflows, the Power Platform, and other tools to automate recurring financial processes.

We combine our finance transformation services with an interim CFO leader who can quickly upskill your finance department and put in a great foundation to get access to better CFO candidates and set your next full-time CFO up for success.

Gain visibility to your cost structure and improve your bottom line by allocating different cost allocation methods while improving the level of sophistication of your management fees across your organization.

Process Improvement and Automation

We develop and implement automation strategies for mid-sized businesses that create reliability and repeatability in their business processes. Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we help clients create efficiency and velocity throughout their business.

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Assess your operations to identify the best candidates for automation and to identify the benefit and calculate the ROI.

We work with your business users to simultaneously improve and design the automated process.

We install, build, and deploy your bots quickly so you can get fast ROI and move on to automating other processes.

Rapidly Automate your Manual Processes

Citrin Cooperman can help your business by rapidly automating processes to allow your business to grow. Automation can help create efficiencies, increase quality, and accelerate processes, allowing you to focus on areas of your business that drive value for your customers.

For middle-market businesses just beginning to explore automation options, our Process Improvement and Automation team can provide a Rapid Automation Assessment, which will evaluation your current processes and systems, identify three tiers of business processes through which automation can provide value for your business, and develop a business case for ultimately driving a return on your investment.

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