Data Integration

Whether in ERP, CRM, WMS, 3PL, or dedicated Business Intelligence (BI) repositories, access to good data enables good information. Good information helps you make good business decisions.

Connect your information with a smart integration strategy from Citrin Cooperman and gain greater visibility into your operations, accelerate workflows, and increase both the velocity and value of your efforts.

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Integrate Everything Everyone Everywhere

Integrate Everything, Everyone, Everywhere

Modern supply chain solutions rely on connected data sources to access ecommerce distribution channels including those managed by companies like Wayfair, Amazon, Costco, Home Depot and more. Whether you want to connect Salesforce with NetSuite, SharePoint with Salesforce, or Microsoft with everything else, connect with Citrin Cooperman to integrate and activate your modern supply chain.

At Citrin Cooperman, we have deep experience in both cloud-based and on-premise application data integration, and business process automation. Together with our clients, we regularly deliver robust, flexible, and connected business solutions that exchange immediately useful information and deliver sustained value. Integration isn’t automatic. It’s the result of good planning and smart technology.

Build Business Value With Integrated Solutions

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Regardless of your configure price and quote (CPQ) processes — and inclusive of your evolving supply-chain components — Citrin Cooperman will work to integrate the systems to provide your team with full visibility into requirements, order status, and supplier relationships to accelerate the bidding process while lowering procurement costs.

Smart solutions from Citrin Cooperman that integrate legacy applications with the latest in ERP and CRM systems, help reduce bottlenecks in order-to-cash processes and improve order turnaround time to support a high level of customer satisfaction.

You can’t run what you can’t see. Use Integration Services from Citrin Cooperman to combine the data from crucial supply-chain systems to connect and transform business processes and customer experiences to improve visibility into supply-chain performance.

Citrin Cooperman works to integrate new and existing systems in order to deliver both business agility and maximum value. Together with your team, we take full advantage of cloud-based, unified platforms to streamline processes, empower citizen developers, and do more with less (less licensing cost, time, resources, constraints) while innovating with emerging technologies including IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) from Microsoft, NetSuite and Salesforce.

Take advantage of direct-to-consumer opportunities and enhanced B2B commerce by connecting responsive applications and connecting inventory, orders, and customer systems with the ecommerce platform of your choice.

Ensure customers have a seamless check-out and purchasing experience by integrating backend systems holding pricing and fulfillment data.

Since systems and applications are often set up in silos, there can be challenges untangling a tightly coupled architecture. Using a well-architected iPaaS solution from Citrin Cooperman allows each business to adjust and adapt to competitive pressures and evolving market opportunities.

Selling quickly, accurately and with predictable inventory capacity improves sales efficiency and effectiveness. Fast and accurate sales improve yield and reduce order turnaround time. Fully integrated sales systems speed order-to-cash by automatically transferring critical business information to the point of decision.

Using iPaaS solutions from companies like Dell Boomi, Jitterbit, or more targeted integration solutions from companies like Celigo or LogicBroker allows Citrin Cooperman to drive sales information into/through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, Salesforce, and NetSuite.

Connect your Manufacturing, ERP, CRM, Warehouse, Logistics and other supply-chain systems and information repositories. Accelerate communication between distribution and manufacturing, enable faster order fulfillment with each supplier, and maintain security and compliance throughout with corporate and industry regulatory governance.

Citrin Cooperman delivers leading integration solutions using a variety of protocols (AS2, X12, FTP, HTTP, SFTP, etc.) and incorporates multiple data formats ranging from the simplest CSV file management to EDI, JSON, XML, and more.

Expose accurate, real-time data for sales teams and CSRs. Essentially every manufacturer and distributor activates multiple channels to procure or produce products. Whether buying or selling, real-time inventory data needs to be up to date so sales teams don’t sell a product that is unavailable and procurement doesn’t inadvertently add to inventory buffers. This requires real-time connectivity between backend systems and any new distribution and supply channels.

Apply intelligent supply chain management with integration solutions from Citrin Cooperman. Remove the silos between your sales, supply chain, and shop floor systems to bring data together and gain access to insights that drive faster business decisions and accelerate business outcomes. Avoid time delays between engineering and manufacturing for faster time to market.

Citrin Cooperman allows manufacturers to quickly and easily connect systems, breaking through data silos to achieve end-to-end operational efficiency and deliver visibility across every aspect of the business. With the flexibility to integrate any system, Citrin Cooperman equips manufacturers to realize the ideal of lean operations by refining and streamlining demand planning, sourcing management, factory production, and customer support functions.

Collaborate with suppliers, contract manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and third-party logistics (3PL) providers.

Avoid issues when migrating from or consolidating legacy ERP systems. Use stable and secure integration tools to easily move data between systems while maintaining new integrations. This is particularly helpful during mergers and acquisitions (M&A) when your business must quickly and seamlessly move data between entities, migrate legacy data repositories, and remove the risk of critical system disruption while ensuring business continuity and preserving revenue streams.

When it all works well, well… everyone is happy. Integration Solutions from Citrin Cooperman accelerate your digital transformation by providing a unified platform for seamless connection with customers, marketplaces, suppliers, and partners.

Together with Citrin Cooperman, and using the industry’s best technology systems, you improve process automation and flexibility with low-code development. Front-line employees receive faster access to technical information to provide service and one-call service resolution, reduce cycle time, achieve on-time delivery and improve customer satisfaction. Back-office employees get timely access to the information they need to build lasting value in the business.

Integrate Salesforce & Netsuite

Combining the strengths of NetSuite and Salesforce into an integrated, highly functional system requires a solid understanding of how each platform functions. At Citrin Cooperman we have decades of experience with both NetSuite and Salesforce, and our system integration services team works directly with you and our functional consultants to design and deliver a smart integration solution that delivers lasting value to your business.

When presented with a choice between NetSuite and Salesforce, choose, "Both!" and work with Citrin Cooperman to bring the power of these two world-class platforms together for your business.

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Premium Platforms

Certified and experienced, Citrin Cooperman works closely with the best mid-market technology providers to offer process improvements or complete solutions within a specific platform, or between platforms. Whether your team works with Microsoft, NetSuite, Salesforce… or all three at once… Citrin Cooperman works with you. 

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Value Delivery

A differentiated method for providing consulting services, software, hardware, training and support… whether project based or in service of ongoing performance. Citrin Cooperman consistently addresses data, processes, tools and their organized delivery.

With Citrin Cooperman, each client participates in a consistent, documented, and proven process to bring technology effectively to bear for your business. From evaluating your infrastructure readiness to managed testing processes, formal project management, training and change management, Citrin Cooperman works with you and your team to identify and deliver value from your technology investment.

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