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In today’s cloud first world, selecting and implementing the right technology for your business can seem like a daunting task. How do you evaluate which one is right for you? Our team of experts has hundreds of combined years of experience, and deep knowledge in the leading technology platforms and how they align to each industry. We can help you determine the optimal balance of system functionality, cost, and capacity to integrate and provide analytics, that will ensure you have one comprehensive technology stack aligned with your business processes to enable you to grow and scale.  

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Citrin Cooperman is aligned with the leading platforms for the mid-market to ensure proper fit and functional capabilities for all companies along the Digital Services Maturity Model. Oracle NetSuite, Salesforce, and Microsoft are the three leading technology platforms today. Our expertise will enable you to utilize these in the right way across all aspects of your business from Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Cloud Platform and Productivity, and Integration and Analytics. One integrated technology set for your business, enabled by AI, powered by world leading platforms, and implemented by experts. That is a competitive advantage. Let’s get started today.

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Start on track, stay on track. Citrin Cooperman Digital Services delivers value consistently by leveraging Digital Services Works, our proprietary implementation methodology. Digital Services Works is the product of thousands of implementations over the past 27 years on how to best implement technology and manage change. Powered by the Digital Services Maturity Model, Digital Services Works provides a structured approach to implementation success, ensuring you meet your project goals, and receive the value in your technology investment. One project team, ours and yours, working together in unison leveraging a proven methodology to achieve project success.

Our Software Solutions

Learn more about the key software solutions we use to help your business grow.

Empowering mid-sized organizations with enterprise-level functionality that seamlessly integrates ERP, CRM, and eCommerce on one platform that produces a 360-degree view of the operation.  

Build a technology stack that combines data, process, security, automation, and streamlined communications on one platform.  Microsoft unites Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Financials, Operations, eCommerce, and HR in a secure environment with personalized experiences empowered by CoPilot Intelligence. 

Salesforce enables mid-market businesses with dynamic sales strategies, personalized customer experiences, and engaged sales teams creating a platform that consolidates data to produce a single source of truth.  Intelligence powered by Einstein creates streamlined experiences for users and customers.     

An intuitive budgeting, planning and forecasting tool that presents aggregated information in a familiar format that drives better and faster decision making across the organization.  The process is supported by centralized data, sophisticated workflows, powerful reporting, and advanced analytics with role-based security to protect sensitive data. 

Unique industries and situations require tailored solutions that are now commercially available.  Independent software vendors (ISV’s) and experienced solution providers extend the value of your technology investment. 


Citrin Cooperman Makes Strategic Acquisition of MIBAR

Citrin Cooperman, a leading professional services firm, has announced the successful acquisition of MIBAR, a preeminent business software consulting firm based in New York City. This strategic move marks a significant step forward for Citrin Cooperman in broadening its advisory service offerings and enhancing its position in the market. MIBAR will join Citrin Cooperman with 30 employees and more than $12M in revenue.

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