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Microsoft has some of the best business software solutions on the market which empowers companies to improve operations, connect interfaces, and optimize task performance across their business.

As a certified Microsoft partner, Citrin Cooperman delivers complete Microsoft solutions that include Dynamics 365, Dynamics GP, Power BI, Azure, and Copilot. With robust licensing and support options, Citrin Cooperman and Microsoft provide smart solutions for the modern workplace.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Citrin Cooperman helps companies of all sizes connect their data, processes, and teams through the implementation or optimization of Dynamics 365. With over 30 years of experience in transforming businesses, we are excited to help your organization optimize its performance to fulfill its strategic vision.

Dynamics 365 unifies customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities into applications that work seamlessly together across sales, marketing, customer service, financials, operations, commerce, and human resources (HR). Citrin Cooperman is a Gold Certified Microsoft Consulting and Implementation Partner. Whether you’re looking to connect data or optimize your operations, we’ve helped companies just like yours to discover, implement, and optimize Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations

Citrin Cooperman is a Microsoft “Business Applications” and “Modern Work” Solutions Partner.  These designations are part of the Microsoft partner program that recognizes and validates our ability to deliver successful customer outcomes on the Microsoft Cloud, including with Microsoft 365 productivity and collaboration, AI Copilot, Dynamics 365, Dynamics Business Central, Power Automate, Power Apps, Power BI, and more.

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Citrin Cooperman’s Microsoft Solutions Practice has extensive experience in the planning, configuration, deployment, and support of the entire interconnected tools of the Dynamics 365 CRM Suite. Our wealth of practical experience and core business knowledge, powered by the native Microsoft Copilot AI tools embedded in these solutions, will help you realize the vision and capabilities many middle market organizations previously believed were only available to large enterprises.

Find and build stronger relationships. Improve productivity and performance and get a single view of customers. Here are some of the topline benefits you can expect when you use Dynamics 365

  • Lead Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Account Management
  • Pipeline Management

Find and nurture the right leads. Create connected customer experiences. Stay on top of market trends. The following are benefits your organization can expect to gain when you use Dynamics 365 to manage your marketing:

  • Campaign Planning / Management
  • Email and Web Analytics
  • Lead Generation / Management
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting

Deliver positive customer experiences faster. Track customer services cases, assign staff, and manage resources with ease. Here is an overview of some of the most important and beneficial Customer Services features that Dynamics 365 can bring to your organization.

  • Case Management
  • Self Service & Knowledge Management
  • Scheduling
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics

Automate processes to increase efficiency. Decrease operational expenses and financial complexities.

Optimize business operations. Automate manufacturing and supply chain management. Maximize asset life.

Unify your physical and digital commerce. Build brand loyalty through personal engagement. Exceed customer expectations.

Take the work out of managing your workforce. Streamline and optimize processes. Empower employees and set them up for success.

Connect Your People and Processes with a Single, Unified Solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of intelligent business applications that enable organizations to grow, evolve, and transform. These applications unify CRM and ERP capabilities by delivering new purpose-built applications that work together seamlessly to help manage specific business functions.

Citrin Cooperman offers business and technology consulting as well as software implementation, training, and support to ensure your success with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP was once considered one of the best middle market business management software solutions available. For tens of thousands of businesses, it offered reliability, a large ecosystem of apps and a big network of resellers and consultants making it the leader in the space. Although the technology landscape has moved on, and as of 2025, Microsoft announced it will no longer make Dynamics GP available to new consumers, Citrin Cooperman’s Digital Services Practice is here to help.

If you’re like most Dynamics GP users and are planning to move on and looking to find your next technology solution, our decades of collective GP knowledge can inform what you need to plan and execute a migration strategy to a new business management solution safely and responsibly.

Our knowledge of the complexities of GP, its processing capabilities, ecosystems, and appreciation for the reliability it provided makes us uniquely qualified to assist you with this critical initiative ensuring your data migration and processing requirements are properly mapped to a new solution. This, along with our deep knowledge of the middle market cloud software landscape, makes our team well-equipped to help you make effective, informed choices for your business.

Alternatively, if the timing just isn’t right, and standing firm with GP for now is best suited for your business, there are many prerequisites and risk factors to be aware of. Our team is working hard to stay on top of this so that we can continue to provide the support, consulting, and integration services you need to safely stay on your path for as long as possible. If this is your situation and preference, please contact us to discuss the options available, and learn how we have helped companies like yours begin to explore the benefits of cloud computing by breathing new life to your GP data with tools like Power BI.

Get the Most out of Microsoft GP

Control inventory allocations, and never miss a shipping date again.

Maintain inventory levels, and quickly forecast reordering needs.

Access timely financial reports that impact the bottom line.

Eliminate bottlenecks, automate alerts and work more efficiently.

View business performance metrics, 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Seamlessly integrate with your e-Commerce systems.

Power BI

Power BI is a suite of cloud-based business intelligence and analytics tools designed to deliver insights across your organization. Leveraging hundreds of available data sources, you can see metrics and business drivers in a new light, slicing and dicing the data how you see fit. Advanced analytics feature-rich business intelligence, and context-based analytics combine to provide enterprise-level measurement and analysis at a small business cost.

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Business Intelligence and Industry Experience

We help companies just like yours discover, implement, and operate essential business software.

View business performance metrics, 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Bring it all together. Gain a complete view of your business by connecting ERP, CRM, and so much more.

Get the information you need—when and where you need it with real-time updates no matter the source.

Analyze data from across the enterprise and drill down to granular details regarding your business.

Generate unique reports, views, and dashboards for each user or team.

Cut the chaos and get everyone on the same page—no matter where they are.

Access your sales data in real-time, allowing you to make faster, more informed decisions based on the latest information.

All the Data You Need—When and Where You Need it With Power BI

Enable everyone at every level of your organization to make confident decisions using up-to-the-minute analytics. Unify data from many sources to create interactive, immersive dashboards and reports that provide actionable insights and drive business results.

Citrin Cooperman understands the value of Power BI software and knows the role it provides in improving your decision making while growing your business. Our team provides you with the tools, technology, and know-how to leverage business intelligence software now and in the future.

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  • Get started today: Power BI is designed to start working for you immediately. With simple integrations and visualizations available out of the box, you can start your journey to advanced business intelligence in no time.
  • All the data you need — when and where you need it: Avoid the steep learning curve while bringing together hundreds of data sources. Excel spreadsheets, cloud services, streaming data, and on-premises databases — no matter where your data lives or what form it’s in, you get a holistic view of the key metrics for your business.
  • Always up-to-date: Track changes as they appear and instantly know when your business needs your attention with real-time Power BI dashboards. Solve problems as they occur and seize opportunities as soon as they arise.
Power BI Sales

Power BI Sales PowerPack Bundle

Our Power BI – Sales Power Pack visualization includes:

  • Current period sales range: Total Sales (units sold, sales dollars & gross profit)
  • Comparative period sales range: Total Sales (units sold, sales dollars & gross profit)
  • Pre-built slicers (based on incorporated attributes)
  • Customer sales summary component
    • Interactive item sales summary component 
    • Interactive sales trend KPI
    • Interactive KPI summary values (tiles)

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