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Apr 12, 2017

Client Spotlight: Centric Digital

A Growth-Centric Plan from the Leaders of Centric Digital

Its 6800% growth over a three-year period through 2014 gained Centric Digital a #34 debut on the Inc. 500. NYC-based Centric Digital is poised to continue its massive, fearless growth, with a three-year run on the Inc. 5000 and 185 additional growth since 2014. Led by co-founders, CEO Jason Albanese and President and Chief Operating Officer Brian Manning, Centric Digital is a global digital transformation company whose vision is to ‘transform traditional businesses into digital leaders.’
The company’s unique offerings are geared towards building tailored playbooks to transform business through digital strategy and technology. Its team works to gain an in-depth understanding of its client’s business, provide insights on what digital trends will impact its industry and company, benchmark the client’s digital capabilities, and then design a roadmap to transform their business. By automating various business functions, from strategy and planning to customer experience, Centric Digital enables business leaders to get a real-time, comprehensive view of their business, and subsequently evolve and advance faster than their competition.
Centric Digital’s leaders are known as fierce competitors and market leaders in the digital space. The company’s co-founders are true entrepreneurs, having started the company from scratch, completely self-funded. When asked what his secret for taking risks in business was, President and COO Brian Manning responded, “There is no right answer, other than going with your gut and taking calculated risk.” He shared the following advice for business owners: 
  • Build a board of advisors- Having the right advisors who can inform business leaders of their options and help make big decisions along the way is imperative to successful growth.  It’s also very important that your advisors have the ability to grow with you.  For example, we’ve been with our accounting and consulting firm, Citrin Cooperman, from the company’s inception through rapid growth cycles to over $40 million in revenue.  Our advisors have been able to work with us on numerous issues as they’ve developed, including private equity funding, valuations, and various tax issues.  There are few people you can turn to and trust outside of your advisory board.
  • Network with other entrepreneurs- Another great way to get advice from people who have been there, and accomplished that, is by networking with other business leaders.  You can meet like-minded, growth-focused individuals and their teams through your advisors, in addition to industry and networking groups.
  • Hire the right people- Avoid wasting time and money by hiring the right people and not keeping the wrong people.  In order to focus on growing the business, you’ll need a team under you who you can trust to do the job as well as you would.  It’s important to recognize early on if a new hire doesn’t seem to be working out, or doesn’t fit your culture, rather than continuing to invest time and resources into developing this person.  The right team is out there, one that shares your vision for the company’s future.
With a global team and clientele, Centric Digital is focused on continuing to build a more dynamic, cloud-based platform so that clients can stay competitive on a global scale. The founders have a vision to develop a tool-kit of their services, with a keen eye on keeping processes sustainable, both for their business and for their clients. The company is looking forward to continuing its growth trajectory and evolving brand and product positioning to stay ahead of the competition in 2017 and beyond.
Citrin Cooperman’s mission is to enhance the businesses and personal lives of our clients through our expert advice and enthusiasm for building long-standing relationships. We're driven to meet this mission by our passion for providing clients with an objective viewpoint and insightful advice on whatever challenges they bring to the table.
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