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Office of the CFO

Focused on Supporting the Office of the CFO

In today’s environment, executives are expected to do more with less.  With the demand to grow profits without increasing overhead, many C-suite professionals are trying to manage it all with limited resources and time.  If this sounds familiar to you, turn to Citrin Cooperman’s Office of the CFO (OOTC) practice, offering integrated CFO advisory and outsourced services in the areas of financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting and modeling, performance management, and financial decision-making.


Even with a fully-staffed department, there are times when companies and clients need additional support due to industry changes, new regulations, special projects, growth, or unexpected transitions.  Citrin Cooperman’s professionals are experienced in immersing themselves into organizations across a wide range of industries and have a proven track record of hitting the ground running to provide immediate value. 

Our team approach to providing services brings the best talent to the table. With one point of contact, you will have access to our team of experts who will help you assess areas of need, advise you on how to create a practical plan or solution, and implement that plan to achieve desired results.

Our Services:

Budgeting, Forecasting and Modeling
  • Design and implementation of effective budget and forecast models
  • Formalization of budget and forecast policies and procedures
  • Preparation of Board presentations
  • Development of rolling cash forecast
Performance Management and Process Improvement
  • Development and evaluation of KPIs
  • Design and implementation of financial dashboards
  • Evaluation and analysis of revenue and expenses
  • Analysis of business activities
Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Enhancement of timeliness and quality of financial reporting and closing process
  • Support selection of reporting systems, including design and implementation
  • Assistance with monthly accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Performance of analysis and account reconciliations

CFO Advisory
Strong leadership and exceptional management are vital to any high-performing business.   Today, CFOs and C-suite executives are expected to do more with less.  Achieving and maintaining a high-performing company requires support.

Citrin Cooperman partners with C-Suite professionals to listen, assess, advise, and support them when making strategic, impactful decisions that contribute to their company’s performance and growth in the following areas:
  • Financial reporting
  • Strategic planning
  • Performance management
  • Process improvement
  • System selection and implementation
  • Talent management
  • Compliance reporting
  • Special projects

CFO Outsourcing
Whether it’s a one-time special project, an ongoing advisory or consulting arrangement, or filling a temporary vacancy to support the financial department, count on Citrin Cooperman’s Office of the CFO to help you bridge the resource gap. Our team provides oversight and on-the-ground CFO level advisory services, including:
  • Oversight of the financial and accounting functions
  • Oversight of cash management
  • Oversight of financial statement preparation
  • Training of accounting staff on industry best practices
  • Facilitation of liaisons with financial institutions
  • Design and implementation of effective budget and forecast models
  • Development and evaluation of KPIs
  • Design and implementation of financial dashboards
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Lead Contacts:
Renee C. Aloisio

Corey Smith, CPA

Case Study
An established health care center preparing for an upcoming acquisition was in need of human resource, finance and operational support.  Citrin Cooperman’s Office of the CFO team was able to provide support to the finance and business department structure and create policies and roles. We acted as the onsite Interim Finance Director, where we transitioned and automated payroll and accounts payable systems, created financial reports for use during acquisition, assisted in onboarding of a new controller, evaluated and assessed current personnel for post-acquisition roles, and assisted in search and interview process for new employees.  In the end, we were able to onboard and train a new senior management team and create structures and controls to help ensure the facility was ready for purchase.
Case Study
A large privately held real estate development company was in need of centralized financial reporting to consolidate cash flow statements. The Citrin Cooperman Office of the CFO team assessed their accounting systems and built a blue print to identify new financial reporting protocols.  The team also designed a multipurpose database that funneled data from three different accounting systems to generate reports and customized a multi-functional financial application that consolidated 50+ accounting ledgers into relevant cash flow reports/statements.  This allowed the client to streamline a highly manual and labor-intensive process for maximum efficiency and reduced time and resources dedicated to the process significantly.

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