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SEC Solutions

SEC reporting and regulations are complex; we help alleviate the risk of non-compliance and bridge the gap between the auditors and you.

Citrin Cooperman can guide you through the process of financial reporting and assure you that financial information and the audit happens efficiently for everyone involved. We service a variety of clients including: public companies, venture capital funds and their start-ups, private equity funds, companies preparing to go public, companies going through mergers or acquisitions, to name a few.

Utilizing our technical expertise, we work closely with our clients to solve problems, identify solutions, and provide aid in corporate crisis situations. We also understand the mindset of auditors, and promptly provide them with the information they need. We find a way to get the deal completed in the most efficient manner – so that your management team can focus on operations and growth, and the auditors can file their favorable report. We are strategic thinkers who understand your world. We deliver value with a return on the investment made in our relationship, as well as excellent client service.

Our SEC Solutions services include:

  • Facilitation of SEC Financial Reporting, Tax, and Due Diligence matters
  • Evaluation and adjustment/enhancement of complex documentation for auditors, including transition and training of staff
  • Expertise of SEC, GAAP, GAAS, IFRS, and PCAOB regulations
  • Evaluation of complex accounting and tax issues in difficult areas like revenue recognition, stock-based compensation, reverse mergers, acquisitions, equity/debt transactions, fair value accounting, and other difficult equity and debt transactions, international and state/local taxation, etc.
  • Evaluate documentation prepared by the company, and make the necessary enhancements and adjustments so that presentations are in accordance with auditors' standards
  • Assist the company in evaluating complex accounting and tax issues in difficult areas such as stock based compensation, derivative instruments, reverse mergers, acquisitions, and other difficult equity and debt transactions
  • Preparation of complex audit documentation, including issues such as: revenue recognition, cash flows, convertible debt and equity, impairment issues, accounting for intangibles, comprehensive income, earnings per share, pension reporting and income taxes
  • Prepare certain necessary audit documentation and train the company's employees how to maintain and update these files
  • Assist with the preparation of the quarterly and annual SEC financial reporting filings
  • Suggest ways for accounting processes to run more efficiently in the company's business (including 404 compliance)
  • Assist with organization of files for record keeping requirements (i.e. electronic files are organized for easier access, and scanning of documents)
  • Assist in critical finance and accounting projects, implementations and strategic initiatives, such as a mergers and acquisitions analysis, both on the buy and sell side so they are strategically structured to achieve each party's goals while saving on transaction costs and beating the timelines
  • Internal audit and corporate governance (SOX 404).
  • Start-up Plans, Organizational Studies, Installation of Computer Hardware and Software
  • Budgeting and Benchmarking
  • Corporate Restructuring and Recapitalization
  • Ownership Succession Planning
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