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We take pride in helping not-for-profit organizations plan for the future and take care of today.

The Citrin Cooperman not-for-profit team consists of professionals who meet the needs of organizations in the areas of assurance, tax, consulting, Federal Award Compliance, technology and more. Their objective is to maintain the most current information available as it relates to developments for not-for-profit organizations so your organization can focus on success and not regulations.

The following services are provided by the firm to its not-for-profit clients:

  • Assurance and accounting
  • Business plans and budgeting
  • Evaluation of grant provisions and reporting
  • Evaluation of internal controls
  • Assisting with obtaining financing and funding
  • Review of operational and financial systems
  • Tax compliance and consulting services

Our not-for-profit clients include:

  • Professional and trade associations
  • Membership organizations
  • Low-income housing organizations
  • Charitable organizations
  • Religious organizations
  • Research and scientific organizations
  • Private and public foundations
  • Educational institutions
  • International organizations

We work with our not-for-profit clients to assess and develop proper governance for both the board of directors and management. Paramount to proper governance is working with the management of our not-for-profit clients to assess the current composition of board members and evaluate the organization’s ability to enhance its board of directors with individuals having various important skill sets such as financial reporting, budgeting, fund-raising, legal and human resources, to name of few. Some of the key issues that we have identified and assisted our clients with addressing over the years are conflict-of-interest, whistle-blower and record retention & destruction policies.

Additionally, we believe that the presentation of each not-for-profit organization’s 990 annual filing is continually subject to regulatory and public scrutiny. Citrin Cooperman’s Not-For-Profit practice team members prepare the 990 filings in a timely manner and works with its clients to ensure that all of the required information and disclosures have been properly captured in the 990 filings. Additionally, we make ourselves available to management to review the 990 filing with both management and the audit or other equivalent committee charged with the oversight of the 990 filing and answer any questions.

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