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CEO Evolution

The CEO Evolution is an annual seminar series, taking place either virtually or in multiple locations where the firm has offices, recognizing CEOs who have demonstrated exceptional success within their industry and amongst their peers.

This event brings together leaders of iconic brands to share their experiences, strategies, and best practices, in order to provide insight into leadership excellence and staying evolution ready.

CEO Evolution

Secrets to Success: A CEO's Perspective

As CEO, your primary function is that of a leader. The CEO is responsible for shaping the corporate vision and then developing a keen strategy for growth, centered on key business drivers.  A CEO is also responsible for establishing and preserving a corporate culture that is consistent with the goals of the organization. So, what makes up the right CEO? Are they born leaders, or does the culmination of education, practical knowledge, and life experiences create the right CEO? 

The CEO Evolution is an annual seminar series that takes place in several regions where Citrin Cooperman has offices.  The CEO Evolution series aims to identify and recognize those CEOs and leaders who have risen to the top and evolved as industry leaders.  This annual event brings together some of the most notable and most dynamic CEOs in the state to share their experiences, strategies and best practices to help others gain insight into becoming better leaders.


"You can't just hang around and wait for someone to move your cheese you got to be ready to go"
-- John Philips, President - Phillips Precision Medicraft

"Every challenge and every black swan event also gives you an opportunity to reinvent."
-- Suuchi Ramesh, Founder and CEO - Suuchi Inc.


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