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A Husband Hid $500,000 in Bitcoin During a Divorce and Got Busted by a Crypto Hunter

As seen in CNBC

Partner and Digital Asset Practice Leader Mark DiMichael was recently quoted in CNBC regarding hidden bitcoin during a divorce.

"Mark DiMichael, who has been in the forensic accounting field for more than 14 years and is a certified cryptocurrency forensic investigator, described one case to CNBC in which a divorcing couple had a stand-off over a password-protected Ledger device.

In the case, DiMichael said, the husband had a Ledger and then the wife found the device in the house and took it. “So the wife had the Ledger, but she didn’t know the pin number, or password. And the husband — he knew the pin number, but he didn’t have the Ledger.”

Neither could access the funds without the cooperation of the other.

DiMichael, who said he has tracked down millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency since he began tracing digital assets in 2018, explained that when crypto is stored cold, it may be more difficult to seize but it is still traceable."

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