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AI Features Embedded in NetSuite and Their Related Benefits

By Sebastian Pearson .

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being embedded across NetSuite's platform to improve efficiency and decision-making. Through the use of machine learning to analyze large amounts of data, NetSuite can make predictions about future trends. These can help companies make more informed decisions and gain competitive advantages. Three major ways that NetSuite is using limited memory AI to learn and streamline business processes include Upsell Manager, Accounts Payable (AP) Automation, and Automatic Location Assignment.

NetSuite artificial intelligence in Upsell Manager improves sales

Increasing e-commerce sales has gotten much easier with NetSuite’s upsell engine. NetSuite will now make upsell recommendations based on a customer’s activity on the site. The recommendations also improve as the customer continues to use the site. By learning the customer’s preferences, NetSuite can provide more accurate recommendations than predefining upsell items.

NetSuite AP Automation

Natural language processing (NLP) technology in NetSuite AP Automation helps analyze and interpret unstructured data when processing various AP documents. This allows NetSuite to “read in” the documents and saves time on the repetitive task of data entry. Further, AP departments gain valuable time and freedom to focus on more substantial tasks like three-way matching.

NetSuite Automatic Location Assignment

NetSuite fulfillment automation can now automate multi-location fulfillment based on warehouse proximity, ranking, or other rules input by the user. This will help companies streamline warehouse operations, decrease shipping costs and reduce customer shipping times.

Taking advantage of NetSuite AI features

Overall, NetSuite’s incorporation of AI in its platform will afford companies more time to focus on growing their business rather than repetitive tasks. AI is a tool that can propel NetSuite users past their competitors with continuous improvements and competitive advantages in optimization, efficiency, decision-making, and customer service. As the technology continues to advance, users will see even more ways in which NetSuite will use AI.

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