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Business Success By the Numbers:

Clients Profit from Real-Time Financial Data

By Michael Napolitano, Michael Napolitano, CPA .

Business Success By the Numbers: Clients Profit from Real-Time Financial Data

By Michael Napolitano, CPA

As seen in COMMERCE Magazine

CPA firms empower companies to make the right decisions, with information delivered at the speed of business. Knowing your numbers is the key to running a successful business. But having a dashboard where you could monitor results in real time provides additional advantages.  Tracking strengths and weaknesses allows for adjustments in a fast-changing market and the winners in the economy of the future will harness this ability and use it to increase profits.  Michael Napolitano, a partner in Citrin Cooperman's New Jersey office, discussed an example of this in the November 2020 issue of COMMERCE Magazine.

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