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NetSuite Saved Searches: Understanding Applied to Transaction vs. Applying Transaction

By Sebastian Pearson .

New NetSuite users typically have numerous questions about navigating the system and making the most out of their investment. A common question that comes up among new users is the difference between “Applied to Transaction” and “Applying Transaction” in NetSuite saved searches.

Distinction between “Applied to Transaction” and “Applying Transaction” in NetSuite saved searches

Being able to determine the difference between these and when to use them is helpful for users constructing saved searches. With this knowledge, they can communicate information from a record’s origin directly to its next transformation within a transaction.

For example, data points from an opportunity and a fulfillment can be present in a sales order saved search. In this scenario, “Applied to Transaction” refers to the originating record or opportunity. The “Applying Transaction” is the fulfillment or the next stage of progression for this sales order. You can also retrieve information from records that are even later in the sales process when using “Applying Transaction.”

How to remember when to select each option

In NetSuite saved searches, remembering which record to reference when selecting “Applied to Transaction” verses “Applying Transaction” menu options may be difficult. A helpful trick to recall which record you are referencing is looking at the order shown in the menu options. “Applied to Transaction” shows before “Applying Transaction.” By looking at the order, you know that “Applied to Transaction” would be the record before and “Applying Transaction” would be the record after.

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