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NetSuite Support: Create Filtered Dropdown Lists in Custom Fields

By Lucas Petricone-Berg .

Understanding how to filter dropdown list results in custom fields in NetSuite may require some support. However, it can be extremely useful in a host of different record types. In an illustrative example, a custom transaction body field on the sales order is used to select the correct contact for the customer. This will create a filtered list which only shows the contacts for the test company instead of a list of all contacts in the NetSuite instance.

Process of creating filtered dropdown lists in custom fields

To start, create a custom field. To do this, navigate to the customization tab, hover over the lists, records, and fields option and select transaction body fields > new. Once you get to the new custom field, set it up as shown below:

Transaction Body Field

First, add a label and ID for the field. Then, set the field type to list/record, and select contact for this application. On the applies to tab, check the sale since this form needs to be on the sales order transaction record.

Next, navigate to the sourcing and filtering tab to filter the results. In the filter using field, select the field on the contact record that you will compare to the similar field on the sales order record. Set compare type to equal in this case as you only want the contacts from the company on the sales order to come through. Finally, the compare to field is the field on the sales order record which will filter the results. See the configuration below:

Compare to Field

Save the field and open a test sales order. When you add a customer to the record, the dropdown on your sales order contact field will only show contacts from the customer’s company. Filtered results can be useful in a variety of applications within NetSuite.

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