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Salesforce Product Innovations: Summer 2024 Release

By Eric Casazza, Christopher Hunter .

In the dynamic world of sales, staying ahead of the competition requires equipping your team with top-notch tools and technologies. In Salesforce's Summer 2024 release, updates are tailored to meet this need, presenting a range of new features focused on boosting productivity, delivering deeper insights, and simplifying processes. These exciting innovations can help your sales team achieve greater success.

Einstein for Sales

Imagine having an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant that not only drafts your sales emails but also includes relevant information and insights about your contacts and opportunities. Einstein for Sales makes this a reality. Einstein leverages generative AI to draft personalized emails directly from a sales rep’s inbox, ensuring timely and tailored communication. Einstein goes beyond email drafting by visualizing your contacts in a relationship map, giving you a comprehensive view of your network. Additionally, it automatically adds buyer profile data to your contacts, eliminating the need for manual data entry and ensuring your records are always current.

Sales Foundations

Sales Foundations is designed to help you uncover your next big opportunity. By automatically creating contacts from email and calendar activity, Sales Foundations saves valuable time and ensures no potential lead is missed. Personal labels allow you to organize and find records effortlessly, while the enhanced seller home page keeps you informed with the latest insights and updates. Boost your productivity with standard and custom list view actions available in account, contact, and lead intelligence views. These tools streamline your workflow, allowing you to focus on selling.

Einstein Conversation Insights

Understanding customer conversations is crucial for sales success. Einstein Conversation Insights provides a bird’s-eye view of your sales teams’ interactions with customers. Conversation Signals, powered by AI, group product or competitor mentions into relevant topics, making it easier to identify trends and areas of interest. Generative Conversation Insights takes this a step further, allowing you to create custom insights powered by AI. Whether processing single-user meetings or expanding editing access to record collections, these features ensure you have all the information you need to make informed decisions.

Sales Engagement

Sales success is driven by finding and prioritizing the best prospects. Sales Engagement tools, powered by AI, help your sales teams identify and focus on their most promising leads. Cadence Builder 2.0 provides an intuitive interphase that allows you to link cadences, use screen flows as cadence steps, and create and edit email templates. Transitioning from Cadence Builder Classic to Cadence Builder 2.0 will enhance functionality and prepare your sales team for the future.

Revenue Intelligence

Revenue Intelligence offers powerful tools to nurture relationships and identify new market opportunities. Einstein Account Management Account Inspector tracks lead metrics, providing stakeholders with enhanced insights into lead generation activity. The new hourly app refresh schedule ensures that revenue data is always up-to-date, enabling timely, data-driven decisions. A successful implementation the revenue insights tab allows users to explore a wealth of new resources.

Collaborative Forecasts

Sales managers have more flexibility in how they view forecasts, allowing them to review forecast rollups by team, forecast group, or product family and get a clear and customizable view of the sales pipeline.

Pipeline Inspection

Standard and custom list view actions in Pipeline Inspection identify potentially risky contacts on a deal. These insights allow sales teams to address issues proactively, ensuring a smoother sales process.


Improved Enablement tools enhance the performance, confidence, and impact of the sales team by providing immediate, actionable feedback on sales pitches. With Einstein’s assistance, sales leaders can create programs that align with revenue metrics. Integrating Enablement with other Salesforce systems allows for seamless governance and rollout.

Partner Relationship Management

Einstein generative AI assists partner sellers in drafting personalized emails to contacts and leads, making it easier to maintain thoughtful and effective communication.

Sales Performance Management

Sales Performance Management gets a significant boost with improved plotting for high-volume data in Salesforce Maps. Sales leaders can plan and centralize segmentation, territories, and quota targets efficiently, thereby determining compensation based on effective territory assignment dates, ensuring fair and accurate rewards for the sales team.

Email, Calendar, and Integrations

Leverage generative AI in Salesforce email integrations to enhance your communication strategy. Although Inbox mobile has been retired, and Salesforce for Outlook’s retirement date has been extended, Salesforce continues to offer robust integration options to keep your sales processes running smoothly.

Sales Cloud Everywhere

With the Sales Cloud Everywhere Chrome extension, sales reps can seamlessly search for prospects online. Customize detail pages by choosing which fields to see and in which order, ensuring the most relevant information is readily available.

Salesforce's latest updates provide a comprehensive suite of tools designed to boost productivity, enhance insights, and streamline sales processes.

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