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Salesforce Product Innovations for Summer 2024: Experience Cloud

By Eric Casazza, Christopher Hunter .

Salesforce Experience Cloud continues to innovate and enhance the digital experience for businesses’ customers and teams. The latest updates introduce a range of powerful features designed to improve site performance, increase security, and allow greater customization of online presence to better meet businesses’ needs.

Aura and LWR improvements

At the heart of Experience Cloud's newest features is customization. Enhanced Lightning Web Runtime (LWR) sites can now be integrated with Data Cloud, providing deeper insights into site visitor interactions and enabling content tailored to their interests. Users can personalize their site with new styling features for forms and buttons, streamlined search functionality, and more control over layout and spacing.

Mobile publisher for Experience Cloud enhancements

Stay connected with users on the go with Mobile Publisher app updates. These improvements include user opt-in biometric login (beta), snapshot prevention, and customizable mobile security policies. It is important to ensure Android apps comply with Google's latest notification and permission requirements by submitting the required Firebase information.

Design system architecture updates

Experience Cloud's latest updates prepare LWR and Aura sites for future design changes by modifying Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) styles and components. While these changes are designed to minimize the impact on sites’ current customizations, it is essential to follow supported techniques for customizing Salesforce components to ensure smooth adoption of future user interface (UI) innovations.

Site performance and security

This release also brings significant site performance enhancements. The Experience Delivery pilot accelerates page load times, boosts security and improves search engine optimization (SEO) for LWR sites. Additionally, public site pages built in Visualforce benefit from improved caching behavior, leading to faster loading times.

Experience Cloud's latest updates also offer enhanced security features. Leverage the new integration framework for off-platform apps to enable headless login and guest user identity flows. The latest security enhancements provide more targeted permissions for managing custom domains and URLs, as well as improved auditing options for Visualforce sites.

Explore the latest Experience Cloud features today

Salesforce’s latest updates to Experience Cloud provide numerous opportunities to boost performance and customization options while keeping data secure, so it is essential for business leaders to explore these features today to elevate their digital experience.

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