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Strategic Mindset

Business Evolution Pyramid - Corporate Sustainability

By Mark Fagan, Mark Engel, CEO, Rosco Laboratories .

A strategic mindset is what allows people to build for the long-term, grasp new opportunities, identify threats before they become crises, and to create breakthrough innovations. Senior leaders are often asked to be "more strategic," but what exactly does that mean?

Listen as Citrin Cooperman partner, Mark Fagan talks wih Mark Engel, CEO of Rosco Laboratories, about how to avoid pitfalls, meet challenges, and create the ideal conditions to implement a strategic mindset.


Strategic Mindset Episode 1: Introduction

Strategic Mindset Episode 2: Barriers to Thinking Strategically

Strategic Mindset Episode 3: Strategic Mindset vs Execution Mindset

Strategic Mindset Episode 4: Setting Strategy From A Global Perspective

Strategic Mindset Episode 5: Evolving in Digital Optimization

Strategic Mindset Episode 6: Understanding Your Customer and Vendors

Strategic Mindset Episode 7: Changing the Culture

Strategic Mindset Episode 8: Changing to Survive

Strategic Mindset Episode 9: Conclusion

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