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Case Study - Breach of Contract Dispute

The Issue

The owner of a historic Washington, DC hotel had signed a contract to complete some necessary renovations, which were funded by investments from private equity. The renovations were necessary because the building had suffered a multi-million dollar loss related to engineering deficiencies and elemental damage. As a result of a breach of contract dispute for this renovation, it had major setbacks and failed on many other construction levels resulting in economic losses over an extended period.

Looking for expert assistance in navigating the breach of contract dispute, Citrin Cooperman’s Forensic and Litigation Advisory Services team was hired by the plaintiff to quantify economic damages and provide expert witness testimony.

Services Provided

The Citrin Cooperman team performed certain financial analyses, which involved the tracing of funds through various accounting records. The analysis also included researching industry-wide metrics to assist with the development of the economic loss model. This analysis was conducted to ascertain economic damages associated with the delay period that led to economic losses for the plaintiff.

The Result

The efforts performed by the team, along with expert witness testimony, resulted in a favorable multi-million dollar outcome for the plaintiff in this breach of contract dispute.

Are you dealing with a breach of contract dispute? Contact Citrin Cooperman’s Forensic and Litigation Advisory Services team to learn how we can help resolve your dispute, so you can focus on what counts.

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