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Case Study - Theft of Trade Secrets

The Issue

Two nationwide third-party logistics corporations that provided transportation services for domestic goods were in a dispute over a theft of trade secrets matter. The plaintiff needed help proving their claim of trade secrets theft by the other third-party logistics providers with multimillion dollars in damages.

Service Provided

The plaintiff retained Citrin Cooperman to quantify economic damages and provide expert witness testimony in this theft of trade secrets matter. As part of the engagement, Citrin Cooperman’s Forensic and Litigation Advisory Services team gained an understanding of the core business of the companies, prepared an analysis of loss due to the theft of trade secrets, and issued an expert report.

All types of financial information were considered, including industry-wide logistics statistics, which had significant importance in quantifying the client’s losses. Citrin Cooperman analyzed multiple databases of customer and vendor confidential pricing information to quantify revenue, costs, and profits for certain shipping lanes.

The Result

After evaluating the data, damages were quantified by the Plaintiff’s lost profits and the unjust enrichment of the Defendant as a result of the theft of trade secrets. The work performed by Citrin Cooperman’s Forensic and Litigation Advisory Services team, including the submission of an expert report and supplemental analyses in preparation for trial, led to a favorable multi-million dollar settlement for the client.

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