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Citrin Cooperman's Cannabis Advisory Services team has the experience to support you with your inventory costing for bookkeeping and tax-related purposes. We ensure that you are able to defend your positions taken on tax returns and keep an eye on your business's financials.

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Services Included


  • Our team reviews the general ledger and trial balance for costing in accordance with 471, allocations of mixed-use costs, and calculation of inventory and COGS


  • Comprehensive set of workpapers tied to inventory sales

How Citrin Cooperman Can Help

Managing a cannabusiness can be quite difficult as you navigate the complexities of the cannabis industry and day-to-day operations. With our team at your side, we can provide the support you need in order to calculate your inventory costs, giving you a better picture of your business's financial health.

When You Should Reach Out

  • Your company is starting cultivation or production and needs to understand how to perform cost accounting
  • Your company wants to analyze gross margin on products but can't figure out how to cost inventory
  • Your company needs to understand how book and tax deductions intersect

Value to Your Business

  • Understand margin positions on both book and tax purposes
  • Acquire support to defend positions taken on tax returns

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