Incident Breach Preparedness and Response

Focused on Helping You Enhance Your Network Infrastructure

Our top-notch penetration testing techniques will help you understand your company’s vulnerabilities and risks that exist within your infrastructure

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Services Included

Proactive Planning

  • Evaluating risk
  • Designing response strategies
  • Implementing understandable policies and procedures

Incident / Breach Response

  • 24/7/365 incident response team

Post Breach Remediation

How Citrin Cooperman Can Help

Whether your incident results from a hacker or accidentally by an employee, our rapid response team will assist you in responding to the attack, mitigate the attack from inflicting additional damage, and determine what was compromised with the goal of restoring your IT environment to full capacity with minimal disruption.

When You Should Reach Out


  • You don't understand the extent of the risk to your organization as the result of a cyber-attack
  • Your organization does not have an incident/breach response plan in place
  • You have not tested your incident/breach response plan in the last 12 months
  • Your organization does not have a third-party incident response and forensics firm on retainer


Value to Your Business

  • Understand your company’s risk associated with a cyber attack
  • Establish an incident/breach response plan designed and tested to guide your company through a prompt and effective response
  • Ensure your team is prepared to quickly respond at the first signs of an attack
  • Verify your response plan is operating as designed

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