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Monitoring potential IT vulnerabilities has become one of your most critical responsibilities. Protecting your data and your business requires the right strategies combined with the best tools and the most knowledgeable experts.

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Technology Assessment

  • Take control of your technology environment with our Technology Assessment and understand where your greatest risks exist so you can implement solutions to help protect your IT environment.

Outsourced CTO

  • Creating an IT Roadmap, with clear direction and planning to support current and future growth of your business
  • Providing ongoing strategic planning aligned with your organizations business goals
  • Helping organization understand their Technology lifecycle, and aligning technology investments with your future growth
  • Developing up-to-date IT policies and procedures/li>
  • Performing Internal IT audit/change control support

Outsourced IT Managed Services and Proactive Maintenance. Our IT professionals have been providing managed services for decades. Count on us to proactively manage your IT environment, with an array of outsourced services, including:

  • Proactive monitoring
  • Patch management
  • Monitoring and testing backups
  • Hardware/software inventory
  • Vendor liaison
  • Help desk support

Network Administration. Our IT team can be your virtual IT department, managing all of your network administrative tasks, always with an eye on proactive planning and problem avoidance. Network administration services include:

  • Maintaining user accounts
  • Managing network security and access permissions
  • Monitoring resource utilization

Technology Improvements. Whether you need to install a single machine, upgrade all of your computers and servers, or migrate systems to the Cloud, Citrin Cooperman’s IT Team is here to help. Implementation services include:

  • Transitioning to the cloud, Microsoft 365, AWS, Microsoft Azure
  • Replacing aging file servers, workstations (physical, virtual, cloud)
  • Optimizing networks and perimeter (LANs, WiFi, WANs, Internet)
  • Upgrades and new software installation

Corporate Relocation. Our team can work with the architect and the MEP to design your technology infrastructure including cabling, power, and cooling, as well as coordinating telephone and data circuit orders, determining optimal furniture connectivity, planning and effecting the physical move systems, and other technology needs.

  • Relocations
  • Renovations
  • Expansion/Downsizing
  • Remote Offices
  • New Locations (Office, Retail, Manufacturing) Remote Workers and Teams

How Citrin Cooperman Can Help

We offer everything that an internal IT department provides, from strategic planning, to computer system selection, to implementation and support, but on an outsourced basis.

Our clients rely on our team to guide them through the identification and assessment of the risks their organization face. We also advise on finding the right solutions to maximize our clients’ performance and security in a technologically-advanced world.


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