Spear Phishing Campaign

Focused on Keeping Your Employees Aware of Cyber-Risks

Citrin Cooperman’s Spear Phishing Campaign service is designed to test your users in their abilities to identify and properly respond to phishing attacks. Microsoft recently reported that 91% percent of cyber attacks begin with social engineering emails. Our approach is to ensure that your staff are prepared to detect and avoid these types of email attacks.

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Services Included

Detailed accounting of what the attackers targeted and what actions they have taken

Analysis of the incident response program specific to reporting incidents of: 
  • Phishing
  • Business Email Compromise (BEC)
  • Social engineering


Recommendations for enhancing the organization’s security awareness training

How Citrin Cooperman Can Help

Citrin Cooperman security experts will use tools and methods similar to what attackers utilize to profile your organization, and partner with you to develop a realistic attack strategy to test your users. With a sharpened focus on cybersecurity threat intelligence, Citrin Cooperman uses the most current attack vectors to ensure the campaign is conducted with relevance to today’s threat landscape.

When You Should Reach Out

  • Your employees are unaware of the risk associated with spear phishing attacks
  • Your employees’ inability to identify and avoid spear phishing attacks
  • You are unsure of how to measure your employees’ ability to detect and respond to a spear phishing attack



Value to Your Business

  • Train your employees to detect and avoid spear phishing attacks
  • Test and measure your employees' ability to detect and avoid spear phishing attacks
  • Use spear phishing campaign results to focus future employee trainings on your highest area of risk

Spear Phishing Campaign Insights & Resoures

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