Tax Accounting and Provisions

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Citrin Cooperman’s Tax Accounting and Provisions Practice offers a combination of process and tax accounting technical services. In an environment of accelerated reporting timelines and increased oversight, managing your company’s tax accounting for financial statement reporting (“ACS 740”) is crucial. Citrin Cooperman addresses these challenges head-on, providing timely and accurate tax accounting services to both private and publicly-held companies.

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Services Included

Annual and quarterly tax provisions

FIN 48 and SFAS 5 analysis and reporting
Uncertain tax position analysis
Tax accounting for business combinations
Prepare documentation for key tax accounting provisions and processes
Section 382 study assistance

How Citrin Cooperman Can Help

Our team of professionals work diligently with our clients and their auditors to streamline tax accounting; identify potential weaknesses in internal controls prior to the audit process; and act as an advocate on behalf of the client in regard to supporting the tax provision model, explaining the position to the auditors, and assisting with supporting documentation. By leveraging the provision workpapers, Citrin Cooperman is able to offer competitive tax compliance services, providing for a cost-effective, seamless tax reporting process.

In addition, the Tax Accounting and Provision Practice team can assist with IRS Section 382 studies. We'll take the guess work out of it, giving your team the freedom to focus on what counts – your business.

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