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C-Suite Snacks: How Companies are Making Money in Bitcoin and Crypto Assets


Mark DiMichael


Thursday, October 28, 2021




Welcome to Citrin Cooperman's C-Suite Snacks podcast. Due to popular demand, we are now releasing all C-Suite Snacks webinar episodes as podcast episodes, starting from the top. 

Each episode will be around 30 minutes long and feature host Steve Ronan, principal and Strategy and Business Transformation Practice leader, diving into topics relevant to you with various industry advisors, business owners, and executives.

Are you considering an investment in Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency? In this episode, Partner Mark DiMichael covers the basics of cryptocurrencies, including:

  • A five minute crash course on Bitcoin and Blockchain technology
  • An overview of alt-coins, digital assets, and other uses for Blockchain technology
  • How individuals and companies are making money on digital assets


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