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Cash Management: Healthcare


  1. Have you thought “outside the box” to potentially enhance revenue?
  • Telehealth
  • Home visits
  • Drive through
  • Mobile clinics
  • Partner with competitors to leverage off everyone’s strengths
  1. Have you analyzed your exposure by payor and proactively reforecast based on anticipated volume, payor mix and case mix?
  • Government payors: payment on outstanding accounts receivable risk is likely low
  • Commercial payors: communicate with commercial payors proactively, get billing out as quickly as possible, and work closely with payors to reduce denials to the maximum extent possible
  • Patient component: consider collecting up-front at the time of visit for co-pays and deductibles
  1. Have you re-evaluated your inventory management practices to ensure inventory is being used with limited waste and supplies are being re-used to the extent safe and feasible?
  1. If there is outstanding debt in the form of tax-exempt bonds, consider working with the applicable local development authority to try to restructure or delay payments.
  2. Have you developed a staffing plan based upon re-forecasted volume, which focuses upon limiting overtime and contract labor?

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