Citrin Cooperman has promoted 16 directors, of which 14 were promoted to partner, and 2 were promoted to principal. 18 of Citrin Cooperman’s managers were promoted to directors. Partner and principal promotions went into effect November 1, 2020, and director promotions were effective July 1, 2020.

“We take great pride in promoting 16 of our directors to partners and principals, and 18 of our managers to directors. Each of these individuals share our commitment to teamwork and the delivery of quality service to our clients,” said Joel Cooperman, CEO of Citrin Cooperman. “They have brought passion, dedication, and excellence to their clients, teams, and the firm as a whole. I want to offer a well-deserved congratulations to all.”

The newly admitted partners include:

Jeffery Alvanas, partner, Boston-Metro
Matthew Bart, partner, DC-Metro
Douglas Cammarano, partner, New York City
Anastasia Candello, partner, New York City
Michael Carr, partner, Boston Metro
Fred Corso, partner, Providence
John Finnerty, partner, Providence
Michael Grady, partner, New York City
Laura Jenkins, partner, Boston Metro
Adam Nava, partner, New York City
Emily Richi, Boston Metro
Chelsea Rosen, partner, Westchester
Larry Schwegel, partner, Philadelphia
Brian Sosa, partner, New York City

Promotions to principal include:

David Kim, principal, DC-Metro
Jamie Reichardt, principal, Philadelphia  

Promotions to director include:

Amber Aubin, director, Providence
Alyson Caligure, director, New York City
Kelly Dichiaro, director, Westchester
Amit Doshi, director, India
Mary-Katherine Garrison, director, New York City
Anika Jemmot, director, New York City
Jamie Lontz, director, Philadelphia
Christopher Mannina, director, DC-Metro
Catherine Sabol, director, Westchester
Konrad Schweitzer, director, DC-Metro
Mary-Beth Scott, director, Boston Metro
Tom Soong, director, New York City
Payal Thakkar, director, India
Jessica Tomlinson, director, Encino
Venus Tuazon, director, DC-Metro
Prabhleen Virk, director, Westchester
Andrea Wolcott, director, Beverly Hills
David Zawitkowski, director, New Jersey

In addition, Citrin Cooperman would also like to congratulate Melanie Foss on her promotion to Chief Human Resources Officer which went into effect November 1, 2020.

About Citrin Cooperman: Citrin Cooperman is among the largest, full-service assurance, tax, and business advisory firms in the United States, having steadily built its business serving a diverse and loyal clientele since 1979. Our daily mission is to help our clients “focus on what counts.” Rooted in our core values, we provide a comprehensive, integrated business approach to traditional services, which includes proactive insights throughout the lifecycle of our clients, wherever they do business, across the globe. Citrin Cooperman is an independent firm associated with Moore Global Network Limited.


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