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Citrin Cooperman is Evolution Ready - NJBIZ Business Profile

By Alex Serrano, Alex Serrano, CPA .

Citrin Cooperman is Evolution Ready

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Citrin Cooperman is among the largest, full-service, assurance, tax, and business advisory firms in the United States. The key to our success has always been constant innovation and transformation, never losing sight of our core beliefs and priorities — to focus on what counts.

Citrin Cooperman is highly entrepreneurial. As a result, we have grown both organically and by strategically joining with like-minded firms. More than 40 firms have joined us, bringing valuable resources to build leading industry practices and exclusive services, not typical of traditional CPA firms.

We can do much more

More resources let us offer specialized services, in addition to full-service accounting. For example, our Technology Risk and Advisory Consulting (TRAC) team assists clients in not only protecting their infrastructure and IT environment, but in identifying security risks and data vulnerabilities, and ensuring proper regulatory compliance, based on the type of business they are operating.

Our Strategy and Business Transformation (SBT) practice helps middle-market companies make sustainable changes to their business, whether they are looking to grow, improve profitability or generate value towards an exit. Working in concert with client management, they create and execute strategies to achieve the client’s unique goals, whether related to their operations, systems or people, at a pace and depth appropriate to them.

We know your business

As an entrepreneurial firm, we build practices around thriving industries. Our clients want like-minded advisors who understand their industry. Our professionals don’t just dabble in the industry; they are active trade group participants, association board members, thought leaders and keynote speakers. They are deeply ingrained in real estate, construction, health care, restaurant and hospitality, financial services, technology, manufacturing and distribution, automobile dealerships, not-for-profits and a number of other industries.

We focus on our clients

As we grow, we never lose sight of the clients who helped get us here. These family-owned, privately-held businesses, in the small to middle market, have been in business for years but, due to their size, do not have a robust finance department or multiple tiers of executives. Still, they get the benefit of our progress and extension of services. Citrin Cooperman clients get the same level of service and attention, no matter their size.

We are ready for the future

Citrin Cooperman sees the accounting profession poised for significant changes. Disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), will likely alter the fundamentals of the attest process and the skills required of our professionals. Striking the right balance between high-tech and the human component is going to change the way we do business. In anticipation of these changes, we have made a substantial commitment, in both financial and people resources, to participate in the AICPA’s Dynamic Audit Solutions (DAS) initiative, a transformational audit methodology, supported by a state-of-the-art AI technology platform. Using the power of automation, data analytics and updated methodologies, DAS will transform the auditing process. Combined with a productive, engaged workforce, it will be the differentiator that brings the customer experience to an entirely new level, and Citrin Cooperman will be ready.



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