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FUTURE REIMAGINED with Michael Bauman

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Citrin Cooperman hosted a live interview with Michael Bauman, the managing partner and CEO of LTC Consulting Services (LTC), the fastest growing healthcare consulting firm in the nation. This 30-minute session covered how the leading healthcare consulting firm sees their future - the future reimagined.

Key Takeaways:

  • The impact of the pandemic
  • Growing trend of "aging in place"
  • Strategic partnerships between acute and post-acute care settings
  • Current and future landscape of private equity/ M&A transactions
  • Future Reimagined: Opportunities for future investments and the organization


  • What is the one key lesson to take away from this current crisis? 
  • Is the long-term care industry in a better position to handle a second wave of COVID-19 than it was for the first?



Watch the highlight reel here:


Watch the entire interview here:


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