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Healthcare Alert: JUNE 3 DEADLINE: Provider Relief Fund Second Tranche Application

Providers wishing to apply for the second tranche of funding through the Provider Relief Fund General Allocation must do so by Wednesday, June 3. Note: only providers who (a) billed Medicare in 2019; (b) provided diagnoses, testing, or care for individuals with possible or actual cases of COVID-19 after 1/31/2020; and (c) received a prior distribution from the Provider Relief Fund as of April 24 at 5PM EST are eligible to apply. 

To apply, providers must (a) confirm receipt of previous distributions of the Provider Relief Fund HERE, including agreeing to the terms and conditions and (b) submit the following HERE:

  1. Provider’s “Gross Receipts or Sales” or “Program Service Revenue” as submitted on its federal income tax return
  2. Provider’s estimated revenue losses in March 2020 and April 2020 due to COVID-19
  3. A copy of the provider’s most recently filed federal income tax return (for purposes of verification of self-reported information)
  4. A listing of the TINs any of the provider’s subsidiary organizations that have received relief funds that DO NOT file separate tax returns 

Before logging on to submit this application, providers should have the following on hand:

  1. TIN that received the prior Provider Relief Fund payments
  2. TIN(s) of subsidiary organizations that received prior Provider Relief Fund payments but do not file separate tax forms)
  3. Amount of payments received
  4. Relief Fund payment transaction numbers / check numbers
  5. A copy of the most recent tax returns 

HHS is calculating distributions from the General Allocation of the Provider Relief Fund to be equal to the lesser of: 2% of 2018 net patient revenue (or most recent tax year) OR the sum of incurred revenue losses for March and April 2020.

Please bear in mind that the management of the Provider Relief Fund is very complex and constantly evolving. These funds come with extensive reporting requirements and will be subject to significant government oversight. Please contact us with any questions on the unique implications for your organization. 

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