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Making a Difference Through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Laura Crowley, co-chair of the firm's CC EDGE (Empowering Diversity and Gender Equality) program, was featured in an article in Commerce Magazine's February issue, as part of an article focused on diversity, inclusion, and equity. She discusses how diversity is key to creating a winning workplace culture, and recognizing the value in diversity and putting together diverse teams to serve our clients reinforces inclusivity and a more equitable opportunity to build a career. 


When it comes to client service, bringing a team representing diversity of thoughts and ideas to develop solutions that are the best fit for the client is the key. That diversity is not just about gender or ethnicity, although those can be especially important in gaining the client’s trust so that they are open to exploring various options. Diversity includes people from different generations and backgrounds who also represent different disciplines within our firm, such as audit professionals, tax practitioners and advisory solutions experts. This same diversity is key when it comes to developing a winning workplace culture. When we recognize and appreciate the unique skills and perspective of each team member, we can focus on reimagining the future for our clients. Through our Empowering Diversity and Gender Equality (EDGE) committee, we are working to educate and identify opportunities for each member of our firm to help them create the best career for themselves. At Citrin Cooperman, diversity is not about checking a box; it is about recognizing the diversity of professionals within our firm and including each of them to best serve our clients. In serving our clients as a diverse team, we reinforce an inclusive workplace culture.

View the full magazine here.

Laura Crowley, CPA, MBA
Director, Co-Chair CC EDGE 

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