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When you’re running a dealership, your main focus is ensuring you hit your sales targets each and every month. The last thing you want to worry about is overhead costs and operational complications. Citrin Cooperman understands and can help you reach that next level of profitability. 

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Citrin Cooperman is a recognized leader in the auto industry, through excellence in client service and by providing timely business intelligence to automotive dealers across the nation. How we connect to the heart of the matter, with the strategic ability to plan and put ideas to practice, is what sets us apart and lets our dealership clients know they are in good hands. Our partner-level attention, specialized industry knowledge, proactive communication, and a true team effort ensure that we provide an exceptional client experience. Above all else, we are intensely committed to maintaining meaningful long-term relationships with auto dealership owners and management leaders. As a result, our relationships continue to expand, along with our clients’ growth.

Citrin Cooperman’s Automotive Dealerships Practice is comprised of a team of professionals who specialize in helping dealers grow their businesses. Our clients include large, multi-point, automotive dealerships and private equity firms with dealership portfolios.

Core Services 

Core Services
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Specialty Services

We advise our clients on best practices and help put strategies in place to take advantage of uncovered opportunities. We evaluate how businesses are structured, how employees are compensated, and how they operate across their profit centers. Then, drawing on our extensive industry experience, we help clients adopt best practices for creating greater efficiencies and increasing profitability. In addition, we can provide guidance on larger, strategic moves, such as acquiring or selling corporate assets or opening a new dealership, and make sure there are no surprises. 

In addition to our core assurance, tax, and advisory services, we also provide

  • Accounting department restructuring
  • Cost analysis
  • Fixed operations analysis
  • Guidance through DOL and sales tax audits
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Inventory management
  • Profitability planning
  • Reinsurance company creation
  • Structuring real estate transactions
  • Tax planning related to depreciation and sales of dealership
  • Valuation and acquisition analysis

Our Automotive Dealership Specialists are here to help.

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