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Digital assets and blockchain technology are revolutionizing the financial services industry. Traditional players are being displaced by new businesses and new ways of doing business, such as digital asset investment funds, payment processors, exchanges, and DeFi applications such as stablecoins, insurance, decentralized exchanges, aggregators, and liquidity pools.

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The digital asset financial services industry is fast paced, constantly evolving, and facing increasing regulatory scrutiny from the IRS, SEC, and other federal/state agencies. Participants need clear advice from their accountants and business consultants to navigate new regulatory requirements, mitigate business risks, and meet their tax obligations.

Citrin Cooperman’s thirty-plus member Digital Asset Practice is on the pulse of the industry, actively monitoring the events that will affect you, while providing strategic guidance and a multidisciplinary approach to today’s evolving business landscape. 

Professionals bring a mix of accounting, tax, advisory, and technological expertise to our digital asset based financial services clients such as:

  • A broker-dealer custody agent
  • A tokenized venture capital fund
  • A company building dApps
  • DeFi payment networks/processors
  • A white label cryptocurrency brokerage and foreign exchange platform
  • DeFi investors

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