Physical Security Assessment

Focused on Keeping Your Vulnerabilities in Check

Citrin Cooperman’s Physical Security Assessment is designed to evaluate the strengths of your physical security controls and your employees in their ability to follow procedures, be alert, and be willing to challenge people they don’t recognize.

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Services Included

Detailed documentation on activities performed with attention to any successful breaches of facility security
Detailed description of the physical security measures encountered
Assessment of the efficacy of the company’s physical security measures
Focused analysis of shortcomings noted in the assessment, including evidence of successful breach
Recommendations for security enhancements, to include procedures as well as hardware

How Citrin Cooperman Can Help

A Physical Security Assessment is essential to ensure procedures are followed for access to secure areas. Citrin Cooperman’s approach is either through social engineering or through control bypass. Once inside an unauthorized area, access to computers, networking equipment, or sensitive files and documents will be attempted.

When You Should Reach Out

  • Your organization lacks awareness about its physical vulnerabilities
  • You have not used adequate protection for important physical assets, which contain sensitive data
  • Your employees are unable to detect unauthorized access to your physical locations


Value to Your Business

  • Bolster the physical security of your company locations
  • Detect and remediate physical vulnerabilities before unauthorized individuals do
  • Improve employee awareness and ability to prevent unauthorized access to physical locations

Physical Security Assessment Insights & Resources

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